Cheesecake FAQ

How should the cheesecakes be served?

How you choose to serve your cheesecake greatly depends on the occasion. As an appetizer, for example, serving it alongside crackers, sliced bread, and fruit is a great option! If serving as a meal, we recommend the cheesecake with a soup or salad. A slice of cheesecake is excellent alongside an antipasto or Caesar salad, for example.

What type of crackers pair best with the cheesecakes?

We highly recommend our house made crackers which you can purchase on our site at Any type of plain cracker goes great with our cheesecakes, but Wheat Thins and Stacy’s Pita Chips pair particularly well also. Bagel chips are another great option!

How are the cheesecakes packed for out-of-state shipping?

Within Atlanta and the surrounding states, the cheesecakes are shipped fresh. For farther distances, they will be frozen, and packed with dry ice or gel packs to stay cold during shipping.

At what temperature should the cheesecakes be served?

Cheesecakes can be served at room temperature, but some people prefer them warm for a softer consistency and enhanced flavor.

How should the cheesecakes be heated?

If frozen, thaw in the refrigerator for 24 hours and then warm as directed:
1 slice- microwave for 30 seconds
6 inch cheesecake- microwave for 2 minutes
9 inch cheesecake- microwave for 2.5 minutes

How long will the cheesecakes last in the refrigerator?

The cheesecakes will last a week in the refrigerator if properly wrapped. They can also be frozen and last for a month.

How many people does each cheesecake serve?

The number of servings depends on how you choose to serve your cheesecake. If serving by the slice, then the 9-inch cheesecake will serve between 8 and 12 people. If served as a dip or spread, the number of servings will vary. The 9-inch cheesecakes weigh between 42 and 56 ounces depending on the variety. You can estimate about 1 ounce serving per person.

How long does shipping take?

The time from when you place your order to receiving it will typically take about 10 days. We prepare each cheesecake fresh and. We ship 2 day priority with allowing about a week to complete your order.

When are orders placed on Friday , Saturday or Sunday delivered?

In order to maintain our freshness standards while guaranteeing a timely delivery, orders placed on Friday will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday morning. If you have a specific delivery request, there is a box at checkout for you to fill out.

How will I know if my order has been received?

You will be sent a confirmation email after completing your order.

Does Bon Appetit Ya’ll! guarantee that their cheesecakes will arrive fresh?

Yes, we guarantee your cheesecake will arrive fresh!

What are the shipping rates?

Standard 2 day shipping is $25 for each cake shipped separately, and $10 for the second cake if packed together in the same container.

Can the cheesecakes be shipped to a P.O. Box?

No, a street address and box number is required for delivery.

Does Bon Appetit Ya’ll! ship outside the USA?

No, in order to maintain timely delivery and to guarantee freshness, we only ship within the United States at the moment.

Does Bon Appetit Ya’ll! accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards.

How can I contact Bon Appetit Ya’ll!! with questions or concerns?

You can contact us at, or you can call us at (404) 963-6857 with any questions or concerns.

Can I send a cheesecake as a gift?

Our cheesecakes make an amazing gift! When you reach the checkout page, there will be a box for comments to the seller. You can use this box to write a personalized message that will be included with your order. You can also change the shipping address so that it is different from the billing address in order to send a cheesecake to someone else.

Can I ship to different addresses in one order?

Yes. Use the comment box to specify which cheesecake needs to be shipped to a different address and provide the information for that delivery.

What if I would like to order ahead for a special event, or as a gift for a specific date?

During the checkout process, use the comment box to list the date you are planning for, and your order will be delivered at that time!